Blogs, Back-links, and Social Media Affecting Local SEO

Oct 26, 2018 / MythosNetwork Editor

Local SEO is a journey with the end nowhere in sight. It is a never-ending list of tasks that must be done to keep your rankings up and your business in the limelight. Though it sounds, difficult there is a crucial tool that you could be using daily, weekly, biweekly or even monthly that will help you and your small business growing with upward mobility. Your small business should be incorporating a blog! A blog will allow you to easily add geo-specific keywords into well written and descriptive articles to your website, give you extra backlinks, also known as inbound marketing, through the use of your blog in conjunction with social media and help educate your clients on recent updates of your business or products.

Firstly every blog or article you add to your website should be unique and plagiarism free. This is important to keep your search engine ranking up and to keep your small business from possible legal ramifications. Creating unique content can seem like a lot to handle, but it can truly pay off in dividends. If it seems overwhelming you may consider contracting your blogs out to a writer or copywriter. If you contract out your blog articles make sure you have provided a list of local SEO keywords and a description of your business and products.

Local SEO is all about aggregating and implementing relevant geographical based search engine keywords that can help rank your small business higher in search engine results. Aggregating high ranking terms that are related to your company can take time and effort but it does pay off. Implementation can be slightly more difficult being as your main website is likely optimized for marketing. To keep adding additional local SEO keywords a blog will allow you to continuously implement keywords without infringing on your main content.

Blogs, social media, and backlinks are some of the more common tools that you will hear and discuss when talking to any local SEO expert. Your blog articles can directly feed your social media accounts with new content. Your social media will help drive backlinks to your website. Backlinks are important to keep your website ranking up and activity coming into your website.

Overall having a well-formulated local SEO strategy using all the tool at your disposal will assist in your company growing and acquiring new potential clients. For more information on this subject or how you can grow your local SEO feel free to contact us. To test your websites local SEO feel free to use the link below.

Source: Umbrella Consultants