LA Institute of Architecture and Design

Jul 17, 2017 / MythosNetwork

To rise to the top of a search engine is no small feat. To raise your rank so much that your website goes from the 3rd or even 4th page to the 1st page is an amazing result. SEO and local SEO are both intense jobs that need to be done carefully to optimize your search engine results. It may seem like an impossible goal to reach but professional SEO and Local SEO managers can work wonders for you.

A case study showing such amazing results for the LA Institute of Architecture and Design, LAIAD for short, was recently published.

A representative of the LAIAD reached out to a local SEO management company with the goal of improving the universities search engine ranking. For the longest time, the university had been stagnating on the 3rd page of Google. Knowing that this reflects poorly on the university and that the ranking was a key factor to the lack of activity the representative for LAIAD decided to make a change. After struggling by themselves, adjusting local SEO words and adding a lot of inbound links they found their hard work to have rather disappointing results.

Reaching out for external help was the best solution that LAIAD found.

The SEO management company assigned a team to the project. Beginning with research, the SEO team was able to identify keywords that would meet the local client's searches. These keywords would help optimize search results by prioritizing industry specific terms. Working with the LAIAD representative small adjustments were made to the text and content of the website creating improved keyword relevance. Adding the local schema such as hours, reviews and other data improved the local SEO. Additional services such as Google Map integration and off-site article marketing really helped to solidify the results.

What were the results? Within the first 45 days, LAIAD had achieved first page rankings on 12 of their most important industry specific keywords. 11 of those 12 keywords were ranked in the top 3 spots! These amazing results lead to increased activity on the website, increased interest in the company and an increase in potential revenue. To find out more click here. For more information click here

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