HGB Constructions Local SEO Case Study

Jul 28, 2017 / MythosNetwork

HGB Construction is a small business focusing on repair, handyman services and similar fields of expertise. The challenge facing the company was mainly in relation to the amount of competition in the immediate surrounding city and larger region that HGB services.

The local SEO firm hired by HGB sought to improve:

HGB Constructions search engine ranking. The potential profit for HGB Construction. HGB Constructions industry specific keyword recognition.

The local SEO firm took intense actions to achieve the goals they set out for HGB. Beginning with web site construction, working with a web developer and the HGB owner, a professional, easy to navigate and mobile friendly website was created to meet the needs of HGB and potential clients.

Research based around the industry that HGB focuses on the local SEO firm was able to discern keywords that would boost HGB Construction to the top of search engine results. Research involved investigation into competitor local SEO terms, finding specific industry keywords that already ranked high and optimizing local geographic key words such as city, county and state names.

A crucial step to the success of any local SEO project is adding a company to the local directories. HGB Construction was listed in a few directories, but the local SEO firm was able to go beyond this and add HGB to multiple directories that improve exposure to new local customers.

Lastly, the local SEO firm updated the schema across all directories, web pages and social media accounts including Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Information such as address, phone number and business hours must be consistent across all platforms.

Results are hard to argue with. Sticking to a well-researched plan the local SEO firm was able to achieve and surpass the goals set in place. HGB Construction ranked number one in three crucial industry specific search terms such as handyman, handyman services, and construction and maintenance. Further with the influx of new and potential customers, HGB was able to hire more staff to meet the higher demands. Overall HGB experienced and rise in potential income, potential clients, and local exposure increase the amount of business the company was able to attract. For more information or to start a project to improve your local SEO click here.For more information click here

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