How Do You Work With Local SEO?

Jan 11, 2019 / MythosNetwork Editor

What can bring your small business to the forefront of the local business community? Can your small business attract more customers than your competition? How can you increase your local exposure and your sales? Though there is no quick solution to these questions, working with your local SEO can drastically help you reach your goals. But what is local SEO? How can you successfully use local SEO to grow your small business?

First, let us look at what local SEO is. Local SEO is search engine optimization using targeted location-based keywords and keyword phrases. Similar rules do apply as one will find with normal SEO but local SEO is not as broad and encompassing of the online market place. Local SEO is far more selective in the audience it attracts, focusing on customers and potential customers that are searching for your business type in the neighborhood, city, and state in which your business is located. SEO is used to bring potential clients to your website from around the globe, local SEO is used to bring customers from your area into your store.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what local SEO is, how do you use it to improve your small business local exposure? When working with local SEO you will need to use a multi-stage strategy. Firstly you will want to have accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across all platforms where such information is mentioned. This can include websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YellowPages. This information being accurate at all times is crucial to keeping a positive ranking among search engines. Speaking of different platforms you should begin listing your website and business across as many online directories as possible. If you have not listed your website on at least fifty than you will need to begin immediately.

Another key factor in your local SEO strategy should be quilty content that furthers your online ranking. This content should be unique, original, and include geographical specific keywords and keyword phrases that apply to your business. When creating online content for your website you will need to make sure you are not over saturating local SEO keywords into your blogs, or web pages but balancing your content strategically.

These are just a few of the ways you can begin your local SEO journey. Local SEO is a powerful tool that can greatly improve your business visibility and pull in more customers if you are following a well-formed strategy. If this seems overwhelming than reaching out for assistance may be the right choice for you and your business.

Source: Search Engine Land