How To Avoid Simple Local SEO Mistakes

Jun 07, 2019 / MythosNetwork Editor

Local SEO is something best worked with by a professional, with all the detailed information that a search engine is pulling from your website in an attempt to rank your small business with their algorithm it is easy for you or an employee to make a small mistake that can drop your overall search engine ranking significantly. Even with this said there will be a multitude of DIY small business owners out there that will attempt to optimize their local SEO on their own. With this in mind, we have put together a few basic steps that might help avoid some basic mistakes.

Always keep your business name, address and phone number consistent across all platforms. You would be surprised how often a business makes the mistake of changing their phone number or move locations and forget to update this information on their website, social media, and other platforms that are currently listing the business such as Yelp or the YellowPages. Search engines such as Google are powerful and pull data from a wide scope of websites, if your business information is incorrect on one website but correct elsewhere the inconsistency will cause the Google algorithm to lower your rank in the search results.

A little known fact when first starting your local SEO journey is that social media exposure and posts can influence your local SEO. Proper use of your own social media can help you increase your ranking in terms of local SEO, this is accomplished through the use of backlinks. Backlinks are simply links that lead back to your website. When you create a social media post on a platform such as Twitter, you should make sure to add a link back to your website. The link should either go to your home page, blog section, or contact page unless it is a targeted post for a product, article or another piece of information.

If you are feeling brave and wish to delve deeper into the on page local SEO optimization than a huge mistake you could possibly make is looming in the background. With changes to search engine algorithms, you now not only need but require your webpages to support your local SEO terms with the content of the page. you can no longer list local SEO key terms that are not on the page you are working on. If you do you may find your ranking will lower.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to void some simple mistakes when attempting to optimize your own local SEO. When you are ready to take your efforts to the next level we highly suggest seeking a professional who can bypass mistakes and help your ranking improve.

Source: Search Engine Land