Is Holiday Local SEO Worth It?

Sep 28, 2018 / MythosNetwork Editor

With the holiday season quickly approaching many small business owners might begin to fall into the pattern of adding seasonal SEO keywords to their metadata. For the most part, if you have the content to support the addition of these type of keywords than your ranking in search engines should remain the same or see a slight bump in activity. If you are adding holiday keywords to your local SEO strategy and incorporating them into your SEO phrases you might be hurting yourself in the long run. Here are a few tips to navigate the holiday season in reference to your SEO and local SEO.

At all times of the year, if you are adding anything to your metadata make sure you have the content to support the keywords you are using. Search engines such as Google have truly grown in their ability to sniff out false SEO keywords. Google will use the content on your webpage in addition to your metadata SEO keywords to rank your page, inconsistencies between your content on the page in question and your metadata will result in lower rankings.

Local SEO is a slow process and is aggregated over time using consistent and accurate geographical keywords in your content and metadata. The biggest mistake some small businesses are making is adding holiday keywords to their local SEO phrases, in essence, replacing a solid local SEO keyword phrase with a holiday-themed phrase.

The best way to incorporate holiday themed local SEO keywords and SEO phrases are to add additional local SEO keyword phrases instead of replacing preexisting phrases. A perfect example of this is incorporating holiday keywords into the metadata on online content such as "San Diego Holloween" and at the same time, you should keep "San Diego" in your metadata. Keeping your local SEO consistent across all of your web pages is crucial to the success of your longterm ranking potential.

The overall addition of holiday-themed SEO keywords and local SEO keywords can in the short term give a small increase to your activity but overuse and improper use of these keywords can give a longterm repercussion of your search engine ranking. For more information on local SEO and how you can improve your standing on search engine rankings contact us at. You can also use our free Local SEO website analyzer.

Source: Search Engine Land