Is Local SEO Replacing Traditional Methods Of Advertising?

Feb 01, 2019 / MythosNetwork Editor

As a small business owner, you are invested in promoting your business and making it grow. There might come a time when you will find that the normal methods of advertising such as print ads, flyers, promotional sales, and social media have lost effectiveness and your small business seems to have come to a revenue plateau. Is there another method of advertising and increasing your exposure locally to draw in more clients? What can you do as a small business owner? The good news is there is a way to boost your local presence online.

Local SEO is a wonderful tool for a small business trying to gain more customers from their local area. It can boost your visibility and this, in turn, can help you bring in more customers to your storefront or your website. Local SEO is a powerful addition to your advertising strategy but will not fully replace your traditional methods but should be used in conjunction with your pre-existing methods.

How does it work? Local SEO is a combination of keywords with geographically specific terms that help online search engines focus on your business when customers from your area search for products or services that relate to your selected keywords. When a term is searched related to your business most search engines will do two things, list advertisements through them that are related to the potential customers search based off of their geographic location. Secondly, the search engine will list websites that rank higher on the first page.

Local SEO also incorporates online directories, backlinking, social media, website content, and constant updating and optimization. It is not an overnight success story, having a successful local SEO strategy takes time, effort and a lot of updates. If this seems overwhelming you can break it down and take your time to cover all the multiple layers that go into local SEO. Working with a professional is also a smart option.

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