Common Local SEO Mistake

Aug 10, 2017 / MythosNetwork Editor

Sometimes all it takes is one little mistake to totally throw off your entire company's local SEO results. The perfect example of this is simply forgetting to change your address when moving. Most will see this a simple mistake that can be remedied on one's website. This is actually a big mistake. Unless you are updating across the board on every online directories and database you are making a huge local SEO faux pax. How can one piece of information mess up your local SEO results?

Wrong information on different online directories will lower your ranking. Maintaining accurate information is crucial to a better ranking. When your website says your company is located at 5555 Internet Street and your Google Business page is saying that you are located at 5050 Search Lane, the misinformation will cause Google to lower your ranking when it comes to online searches that show locations on your smartphones or computers.

An obvious result of a bad address listing is a loss of potential customers. Let's look at a small business with a brick and mortar store front. The business has a website and a business address that is listed in multiple local directories. Sadly these directories do not have the same information. When a client searches on their phone for a place that provides what the business offers and decides to visit the store front based off of Yelp, it'll have an old address that is no longer occupied by the business. Not only will the client not find the company but will likely leave a bad review. Both of these events will lower your local SEO results and move you down in ranking.

Local SEO is complicated. Many times we find basic information on local SEO online and try to do it ourselves. Sometimes we can get decent results, but for the most part, when trying to manage your businesses on local SEO we find that we have wasted our time, energy and sanity. There is a solution to our headaches. Work with a professional local SEO management service and you can easily meet and excel your own expectations.

Source: MythosNetwork