Original Blog Content Is The Best

Mar 15, 2019 / MythosNetwork Editor

In previous posts, we have discussed the importance of blogs and how they can help your local SEO grow. This has not changed. What has changed though is how search engines are ranking blogs based on the content that you publish on your website. A move has been made away from "inspired blogs" that take content from other sources and use them to create new pieces. Though this has been a common practice for many years and technically there is nothing wrong as long as you cite your sources, original content created solely for your website has taken the limelight away from "inspired content." Let us look a bit closer at ways to find inspiration from your own business.

A good way to keep new content rolling out on your blog is to highlight items or services that your business provides. When writing about products or services you must keep a balance of information that is educational, entertaining and enticing enough to make a reader want to purchase the product or service you are highlighting. Using your business as inspiration is a wonderful way to keep new content up on your blog but alternate occasionally between product highlights and other content based more on education or entertaining.

Holidays and holiday sales allow you to create content that is specific to the holiday, pulling traffic to your blog based not only on based products but also large keyword terms such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Easter. When creating unique content based around the holidays you can use more imagery rich writing styles that help invoke an emotional response.

A final source of inspiration is history based on your business, founders, customers or employees. If you are using this style of content make sure to have approval from the individual you are focusing on. This content can show how your products and services work for your customers, how your business is making a positive change in people lives.

If you are creating new content that is not featured elsewhere on the internet you are improving your local SEO exposure, engaging customers and helping grow your small business. Keep your new content original moving forward and you will see the difference.

Source: Search Engine Land