Seasonal Local SEO

Apr 05, 2019 / MythosNetwork Editor

Local SEO is constantly changing, be it the rules that are implemented by search engines, a change of algorithm, or even a change of your business can all affect your local SEO. Throughout the year you have multiple chances to change and adjust your SEO terms based on holidays, sales, and other local events. With this in mind, you should always follow a few simple rules and guidelines that will help you optimize your exposure for your small business but keep your local SEO growing strong through all the changes that may occur.

Firstly you should always maintain your keywords that perform best for your small business. Just because the season has changed does not mean your best-performing keywords should change. Your best keywords should remain active all year round to keep growing and increasing their ranking. For the most part, your local SEO keywords will not need to be removed unless they are not performing well.

Updating your seasonal keywords for different sales and promotions is a normal part of the website and local SEO maintenance when applicable. Many small business owners have found that using seasonal local SEO keywords in blogs, articles and other webpages that are separated from the main websites pages is a much better solution that does not require constant changes to the main local SEO keywords. Blogs can be used to support a plethora of extra keyword terms and phrases to further your exposure.

Social media and backlinking allow you to easily advertise blog articles, promotional events and discount sales throughout the year. Through the use of social media, you are able to highlight certain keywords at the end of each post using hashtags and links to the original article or blog will secure these keywords and helps you grow a stable base for your seasonal content.

Overall local SEO is a constantly changing tool that is critical to the success of your small business. You may find yourself struggling with the intricate details and see your efforts platue. Experts are at hand to help you at MythosNetwork!

Source: Search Engine Land